The Most Popular B2B Marketing Trends to Follow This Year

Marketing Trends to Follow

Read this article and discover the newest and most popular trends that are shaping the B2B marketing industry today and how to keep up with them!


There is a huge competition in the B2B industry and marketers know it! The best way to stay away from the crowd and outpace your competitors is by staying on top of the newest trends in the market. In this article, we are going to present the latest and most popular trends that are shaping the B2B marketing industry today and how to keep up with them!


  • Employee advocacy – These days, more than ever, people want to connect with other people and not with businesses, companies or organizations. This is the reason why you need to build a unique presence and voice. This will give your customers, as well as, your prospects a reason to trust in your brand and invest in the products or services you are selling. The best way to prepare is through employee advocacy. With a formal program, you can empower your employees, including your marketing, sales, and customer success to share business content across their private networks. This will help you to move your business message forward, adding a trustworthy and authentic touch to your brand.
  • Marketing automation – The b2b purchasers are no longer passive which means that they take an active role in analyzing and researching your business company and finding out how the products or services you are selling solve their specific problems. The b2b buyers are constantly forming strong opinions about your business through various content they come across the internet. You need to do a better job at delivering the right company message, at the right time, to the right person. There are great marketing automation platforms such as Pardot, Marketo, and Act-On that allow you to measure, automate, and streamline tasks and processes, making it simpler for you to engage with your customers.
  • Experiential marketing – This type of marketing focuses on engaging as many senses as possible. The experiential marketing transforms good marketing into great marketing and goes back to the concept of customer experience which means you need to find creative ways to come up with a closer bond between your business and your customers. You can host webinars, video conferences, online events, and etc. to stimulate real-time communication and collaboration.

B2B is constantly changing. By focusing on customer experience and using targeted and personalized content across different channels, you will be able to stay ahead of the game!